This is a list of undiscovered objects in Live Free or Die. To anyone who discovers them, I can guarantee eternal gratitude, naming rights, and a place of honor on this wiki. (Note that any discoveries will be gladly accepted - these are just the more significant objects that are missing.)


I am offering cash rewards for certain significant discoveries. Specifically:

$25.00 for any spaceship of an undiscovered speed. Currently known speeds are c, c/2, 2c/5, c/3, c/4, and c/5 orthogonal, and c/4 diagonal.
$25.00 for any moon reflector, that is, a stable or oscillating pattern that reflects a moon without suffering damage.
$50.00 for any stable moon reflector.

To collect a reward, please contact

Other patterns

Objects of undiscovered periods

Live Free or Die has no known objects of period 11, 13, 14, 15, and all higher periods except multiples of discovered periods and the possible periods of anchor tracks, anchor eater ships, anchor nibbler puffers, and freedom fighter flotillas. In addition, there are no known p7 or p9 oscillators or spaceships, and no known p10 oscillators or puffers.

Objects of undiscovered speeds

As mentioned above, the only known speeds of spaceships in Live Free or Die are c, c/2, 2c/5, c/3, c/4, and c/5 orthogonal, and c/4 diagonal. There are no known puffers that travel slower than c other than c/2 and c/5 rakes. There are also no known spaceships or puffers that travel in an oblique direction (knightships).


There are no known spacefillers in Live Free or Die except for the typical expansion of chaos at light speed.


There are no known replicators in Live Free or Die.

Stable technology

Live Free or Die would benefit from new technology constructed from dots or oscillators. This category includes signal circuitry analogous to Herschel conduits in Life, which are useful for a number of reasons. Technology for manipulating spaceships (especially moons) would also be useful. There are no known reflectors in Live Free or Die, and no known stable eaters. As mentioned above, I am offering prizes for the first moon reflector and the first stable moon reflector. In addition, moon syntheses (analogous to glider syntheses in Life) would allow for creation of complex machinery, especially if guns with a larger period than the moon laser are found.

Objects adapted from the Seeds rule

Seeds (rule: b2) is a Life-like cellular automaton similar to Live Free or Die. Any pattern which has no isolated living cells at any time behaves the same way in Live Free or Die and in Seeds (for example, the moon or radar). This means that there are a number of wicks and oscillator components in Seeds that would work in Live Free or Die if a way to stabilize them was discovered. See Jason Summers' Seeds collection for examples.