The following p19 oscillator with a minimum population of six cells. It is the only known p19 object other than monster stacks, which are built by combining monsters. Despite its small minimum population, it has 120 active cells, with a population that ranges from six to 40 cells and an average population of 21.26. It is the only known oscillator other than the dot that consists of a single polyomino in any phase: generations 2 and 6 are both polyominoes. In terms of minimum population, it ties with the ant and two-slot anchor track as the smallest oscillator that is not a phoenix, but the anchor track has a smaller bounding box. Monster puffers can be constructed using anchor track flotilla technology. The partial evolution of a monster is the mechanism for the monster toaster, the smallest known pre-spark that dies in 28 or more generations.


x = 4, y = 3, rule = s0/b2