The following p1 c spaceship, which is the smallest spaceship (with only four cells), the only p1 spaceship (consisting only of an engine), and, along with the dot, one of only two p1 objects in Live Free or Die. It is the second most common spaceship after the free ship, occurring about one fifth as frequently in random explosions. Moons are a common component of other spaceships, puffers, and flotillas, such as metronome ships and metronome puffers, the tricycle ship, and various anchor track flotillas including the known free ship rakes. Apart from flotillas, the only known rakes are backward and sideways moon rakes. The moon is the only known spaceship that is a phoenix. Like all phoenixes in Live Free or Die, it behaves identically in the Seeds rule (b2), in which it is known as a photon.


x = 2, y = 4, rule = s0/b2