An oscillator is a pattern which reappears in the same position and orientation after a number of generations. For general information about oscillators in cellular automata, see Oscillator on LifeWiki.

Like Life, Live Free or Die is home to a variety of oscillators. Because the rule is explosive, the only oscillators that occur naturally are the debris left behind by naturally occurring puffers: the p1 dot (the rule's only still life), the p2 checker, and the p4 anchor. Other small oscillators include the p4 lever and radar, the p6 ant, the p12 two-slot anchor track, and the p19 monster. Other oscillators have been discovered at p3 (the sandbar, trilogy and rotunda), p5 (the starfish and crossroads), and p8 (the sparkler and black widow), along with larger oscillators at p2 (the Cecil B. DeMille and ball pit), p4 (the control tower, buoy, shortwave, longwave, beacon, and flotsam), and p6 (the anthill, mantis, six shooter, and big six shooter). Many oscillators are extensible in various ways, and anchor tracks can have any period of the form 4 × 2n - 4.