Any puffer that produces spaceships. A rake is said to be forwards, backwards or sideways according to the direction of the spaceships relative to the direction of the rake. For general information about rakes in cellular automata, see Rake on LifeWiki.

There are no natural rakes in Live Free or Die, but rakes have been discovered and engineered in various ways. The first known rakes in Live Free or Die were anchor track flotillas (such as the free rake), which can use various reactions to produce moons and free ships traveling sideways relative to the rake or (with freedom fighters) free ships traveling backward. Anchor track flotillas remain the only known free ship rakes. Some are very large; the smallest known backward free ship rake is p192 and has an initial population of about 30,000 cells, with hundreds of component puffers and spaceships. The known rakes that aren't flotillas are almost all backward and sideways moon rakes, and most travel at c: the p2 flicker rake, the p3 tricycle rake, the p4 pocket rake, flip-flop rake, and zipper rake, the p5 nickel rake, and the p6 hex rake. The only known puffers that travel slower than c are rakes: the p4 c/2 buffalo rake, hippo rake, and horned rake, and the p5 c/5 quintessential rake. The freedom collider is a p8 c backward short free ship rake.