A spaceship is any pattern which reappears after a number of generations at a different position. For general information about spaceships in cellular automata, see Spaceship on LifeWiki.

Like Life, Live Free or Die is home to a wide variety of spaceships. But because the birth of cells in Live Free or Die requires only two live neighbors, where Life requires three, spaceships in Live Free or Die can travel at the speed of light (c). And because Live Free or Die is explosive, any spaceship that travels slower than c will be consumed by chaos, so all naturally occurring spaceships travel at c. Natural spaceships include the p6 free ship, the p1 moon, and the p4 key ship, robot ship, plus ship, half plus ship, R ship, and sun ship. Artificial c spaceships have been discovered or engineered at various periods, including p2 (the flicker ship and flutter ship), p3 (the wide tricycle ship and tricycle ship), p5 (the nickel ship), and p8 (the squid ship, octopus ship, and pinwheel ship), along with some, like anchor eater ships and freedom fighter ships, of arbitrarily large size and period. All c spaceships have an unchanging engine with at least one nose and two or more wings.

Larger artificial spaceships have been discovered at various speeds. Known orthogonal speeds include c, c/2 (a wide variety of ships including the fruit fly ship, mouse ship, and crab ship at p4, the dust mite ship at p8, collections of related p4 and p8 ships like the unicorn ships, and many others), 2c/5 (the zirconium ship), c/3 (the wasp ship) c/4 (the beachcomber ship), and c/5 (the quintessential ships, the hammerhead ship, and the decade ship). There are also spaceships that travel diagonally at c/4 (the ram ship, slanted ship, and giraffe ship).